Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Japanese whaling fleet missing

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 Japanese whaling fleet missing

The bullies of the floating circus cult group Sea Shepheard are complaining they are unable to locate the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean.  The criminal cult leader cosplay Watson is demanding Australia and New Zealand send vessels in the region to assist in the search. 

Watson rose from a swabbie deckhand to self-proclaimed captain and elevated by his minions to admiral.  The cosplay admiral (criminal Watson) has nine vessels in his cult group.  These nine vessels paid for by minions around the globe with the primary goal of interdicting the Japanese whaling fleet.  Watson sent only one vessel into the Southern Ocean to interdict the Japanese whaling fleet.  What about the other eight vessels?

The political situation in Japan has changed and the authorities have been getting assertive in their handling of Sea Shepherd disposable minions in Taiji, Japan.  Japan has reexamined their legal documents allowing them to use their navy and / or coast guard in defense of their interest.  There is the reason criminal Watson only sent one vessel fearing confiscation by the Japanese.  Because of this fear the bullies are now demanding New Zealand and Australia act on their behalf.  What a joke. 

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Note:  Faint beeping sound in parts of this video due to heavy equipment working on the street outside the window in the room where this video was made. 

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