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Emasculated Chinese and American boys the same?

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Emasculated Chinese and American boys
 the same?

The Chinese authorities have discovered a behavior in the boys as being a negative behavior where the same behavior in the United States in boys is promoted.  The Chinese are concerned their school age boys are emasculated.  They harbor no “manliness” in their behavior.  They believe boys should behave like boys in order for them to develop into proper men needed in society. 

According to an article from The New York times appearing in The Dallas Morning News the Chinese stated “Men have special duties……They have to be brave, protect women, and take responsibility for wrongdoing.”  That is something you would be hard pressed to read an American educator state.

The emasculated boys in China are not a result of planning or design whereas in the United States emasculated boys is by design.  When a boy in the USA behaves like a boy that is interpreted as abnormal behavior and the child is then drugged up.  Drug of choice to suppress “manliness” in boys in the USA is Ritalin.    

The Chinese in an effort are attempting to employ more male teachers for the lower grades.  Some schools are conducting boys-only classes in martial arts, computer repair and physics.  It must be nice to live in a country totally void of political correctness.   

Most of the world prescriptions for the mood altering drug Ritalin are written in the United States.  In The United States most of those prescriptions are written for boys.  The education system in the USA has determined when a boy behaves like a boy that is abnormal and must be drugged to suppress natural male behavior. 

A tactic employed by the political correct Nazis is when a boy behaves like a boy is to drug him, suppressing the natural inclinations of the male gender.  In essence among the Godless political correct crowd it is a sin to be a male, let alone to behave like one.

As a result boys in the USA are low energy with a decreased metabolism resulting in weight gains.  This added weight and decreased physical activity then leads to other medical problems.  However that is a fair price to pay to suppress boys behaving like boys.  Remember the American in the twenty-first century is a feminized America.    

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