Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Catholicism or Religion of Peace either way no marriage equality

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  Catholicism or Religion of Peace 
either way no marriage equality

An article appearing on the front page of The Dallas Morning News dated February 6, 2016 titled “JP refuses same-sex weddings.”  The article is in reference to Dallas County Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger.  According to the article Judge Bill Metzger wrote on his Facebook page that his Catholic faith prevents him from performing marriages other than traditional ones.

In other words, no same-sex marriage will be performed by him.  A little advice for Mr. Metzger:  Change the Facebook posting and add a new one reading you will only perform traditional marriages out of respect for the Religion of Peace.

When Mr. Metzger mentioned his Catholicism that made him a target.  Christians are the number one target in the USA and out of that Roman Catholics are the foremost target of liberal hate.  However by mentioning respect for the Religion of Peace that will grant Mr. Metzger immediate immunity.  The Religion of Peach is the number on protected group in the USA while Roman Catholics are the number one target.   

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