Friday, January 17, 2014

South Koreans hate the USA?

South Koreans hate the USA?

South Koreans have littered the USA with monuments, plaques, and a statue concerning the Comfort Women issue between Japan and South Korea.  They seem to be using the United States as a stomping ground to promote Japan bashing. 

Not contented with soiling the USA with this form of Japan-bashing another venue has been established.  These Japan bashers are determined to rename the “Sea of Japan” to the “East Sea.”  The Sea of Japan is a body of water between the Korean peninsula and Japan.  It lies east of the Korean peninsula and west of Japan. 

The Sea of Japan is east of the Korean peninsula.  By naming it the East Sea it then ignores it is also west of Japan.  Should it be named “East-West Sea?”  Or, “West-East Sea?  How about “The Middle Sea” since it is in the middle between the two nations? 

The Japan bashers masquerading as name-changers claim the term “Sea of Japan” honors Japan’s Imperial past.  Hooey!  Once again they are dragging the USA into this bashing.  State Senator David Marsden (DEMOCRAT) has submitted legislation in the state of Virginia reading as follows:

“. § 1. That all textbooks approved by the Board of Education pursuant to § 22.1-238 of the Code of Virginia, when referring to the Sea of Japan, shall note that it is also referred to as the East Sea.” 

That is Virginia Senate Bill No.2 (SB2 / SB2S1). 

It is interesting Virginia Senator Marsden would submit such legislation since 2.7% of his constituents are Korean.  So did he do it for those 2.7% votes?  Or did he do it for the campaign donations possibly form the 2.7% Koreans in his district?

In the name of consistency will these Koreans try to rename the bay on the northwest side of the Korean peninsula the “Korea Bay?”  On the west is China, and the east is Korea, so why not rename that body of water? 

To the south of South Korea the body of water between the peninsula and Japan is named “Korea Strait.”  Since Japan is on one end should that body of water be renamed “South Sea?”  Just looking for a little consistency.  Without consistency it is then pure disgusting Japan bashing.    

Whatever Senator Marsden’s motive is, it is disgusting to see South Koreans continue stomp all over the USA to bash Japan.  

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