Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Attack upon America Farmers

Attack upon America Farmers

The American famer is under attack by liberals, so-called environmentalist, animal rights, politically correct, and other assorted lunatics masquerading as self-appointed do-gooders.  In reality their goal is to destroy the famers in America because they hate the nation of their birth.

Genetically modified agriculture products, the produce and seeds are the latest areas of concern.  The science is still out on this so-called concern, yet the nation’s lunatics continue the assault.  Their fear is anything genetically modified could prove to be harmful for human consumption.  Really?

While the jury is still out on this topic, it is known food coming from commie-led China has been injurious and yet no concern from these self-appointed do-gooders.  How come?  Because tainted food coming from red China is produced in China, and not the USA.  These self-righteous food police are out to dismantle America’s ability to feed itself, and not cause harm to the tainted food producers in China.    

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