Friday, January 17, 2014

Comfort Women no emotion, just logic

Comfort Women no emotion, just logic

The Comfort Women issue seems to be riddled with emotion void of logic.  This video attempts to insert logic void of emotion.

The impudence for this video was generated from the continued messages of hate, cursing, and death threats received from people in South Korea and Koreans in the USA.  Curiously no such messages received from Korean in North Korea or Japan.

During the period of 1910 to 1945 the average population of Korea was around 20 million.  Koreans claim around 200,000 of their women were forced to be sex slaves (Comfort Women) for the Japanese military.  In today’s numbers using the USA as an example that represents around 3 million American women would have been forced to be Comfort Women.  Can you image 3 million American women being dragged off to be Comfort Women what the reaction would be from American men?

Where were the Korean men while 200,000 of their women were being dragged off to sexual servitude?  Perhaps they were standing in line to join the Japanese Imperial Army.  Nearly 800,000 Korean men attempted to join the Japanese Imperial Army while only 17,644 got accepted.  Would these 800,000 volunteer to join an army responsible for forcing 200,000 of their women into sexual slavery? 

Current day president of South Korea, President Park Geun-hye, her father Park Chung-hee served in the Japanese Imperial Army as a distinguished officer.  Would President Park’s father join an army responsible for forcing 200,000 of his fellow citizens into sexual slavery?    

During World War Two Japan occupied around 22 nations / territories.  How come out of the 22 nations only two (South Korea and red China) are pursuing this Comfort Women issue?  The other nations said to have been involved are not bellyaching currently over this issue.  How come?

The USA is being littered with Comfort Women statues / memorials, why?  The USA was not involved on either end, either as the victimizer or the victim.  How come the other nations said to be involved are not being littered with this junk?

Some say the USA is being soiled with these artifacts is to teach history.  The USA needs South Koreans to teach people in the USA history?  If so, then how come more South Koreans come to the USA to get an education as oppose to Americans going to South Korea for an education? 

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