Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Comfort Women issue to desecrate American Veterans

Comfort Women issue to desecrate 
American Veterans

The city of Cupertino, California has been targeted to continue desecrating American veterans.  At the December, 2013 Cupertino City Council meeting a proposal was made to place a statue / memorial dedicated to the Comfort Women in a city park.  The target is Cupertino Veterans Memorial park, a park dedicated to American veterans.

Comfort Women were not American citizens and they were not American veterans!  This proposal is insidious and pure Japan bashing.  For some perverted reason the backers of this project are determine to dishonor the memory of America’s veterans. 

They succeeded in placing a monument on this issue in Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, New York.  The park there was dedicated to veterans of the Korean War.  Once again the Comfort Women issue had nothing to do with that war and were not American Korean War veterans.  Japan bashing.

The Cupertino City Council agreed to table this item until their February meeting.  If the Japan-bashers / American veteran haters are successful it will be a threefer for them. 
1 – Bashing Japan
2 – Desecrating American veterans
3 – Cupertino is home to Apple, Inc., a fierce competitor to Samsung (a South Korean company).

Video to Cupertino’s City Council meeting December 17, 2013 (Comfort Women issue starts at 25:21):

Cupertino City Council:

Link to 1944 U.S. Army document stating comfort women were well-paid prostitutes:
Link to documents used in this video:

Link to Texas Daddy store:


Anonymous said...

Hm, I wouldn't exactly call it Japan-bashing, as Holocaust memorials aren't German-bashing. Nor would I say this desecrates WWII veterans. It would desecrate WWII veterans if they built memorials of Japanese victims of the war, as they were the aggressors. If it desecrates WWII veterans due to the comfort women not being American citizens, it would place Holocaust memorials in the same category, as the same with memorials regarding the Rwandan Genocide, the Armenian Genocide, etc. As with the location being in Cupertino, Samsung does not represent Korea, no more than Apple represents the USA. There are plenty of Korean workers for Apple, and being liberals, I can guarantee that the high-ranking officials of Apple won't mind a memorial regarding oppressed people. Personally, I believe you are writing these accusations out of your contempt for non-Japanese Asians. Remember that the Japanese are not perfect people and are prone to as much faults as any people on earth. Criticism constitutes a valuable lesson, and therefore should not be shunted off and result in being offended or mistaken as a direct insult. Rather this monument memorializes victims, and is not built for accusing the perpetrators.

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