Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sea Shepherd to the Japanese rescue?

For years Sea Shepherd has been harassing the Japanese whalers and angering the people of Japan. Sea Shepherd has been unsuccessful in endearing themselves to the Japanese populace. This video is an attempt to help Sea Shepherd in that endeavor. First no name calling in this video. The following usual words hurled at Sea Shepherd will go unmentioned in this video:

Girly men
Rust bucket
Pink panties
Culinary imperialist
Captain Kangaroo
Pretend captain
Playing pirate
Make-believe law enforcement

Okinawa (Japan) currently hosting 14 United States military bases. The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is planning to expand a runway at Futenma (city of Ginowan) into the sea. The location will be over sea grass which the endangered Dugong Manatee (numbering less than 12) use as a feeding ground. Had this same situation exist in the USA, the courts would have blocked the airstrip expansion.

If Sea Shepherd wanted to endear themselves to the people of Okinawa and Japan, they should bring fleet to Futenma and block the U.S. Marine Corps expansion of this airstrip. Then perhaps after a successful blocking of this airstrip by Sea Shepherd, the people of Japan may listen to their anti-whaling rhetoric.

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