Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Grinch list, naughty or nice - Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season brings out the heathen attack upon the season. Many businesses refuse to acknowledge “Merry Christmas,” or the Christian aspect to the season.

Reported in The Dallas Morning News as article about the First Baptist Church of Dallas to make a list of those naughty or nice in reference to the Christmas season. The Rev. Robert Jeffress announced the website:

This is a site where people can list those business establishments who refuse to acknowledge Christmas (the “naughty” list) and those who acknowledge the Christmas season (the “nice” list). The war on Christmas will continue by the ungodly and we the Godly must unite in faith and good humor to refute their attacks.

This hopefully will help wrench those business who surrendered to political correctness come see the error of their submission.

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