Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gun ownership irritates the anti-gun bums in the news media

Recently in The Dallas Morning News appeared an article reprinted from The Washington Compost (The Washington Post) about firearms in Texas contributing to the drug wars in Mexico.

The first sentence of the article encapsulates the tone of the biased article:

“No other state has produced more guns seized by police in the Mexican drug wars than Texas.”

The bias liberal anti-gun news media blames the violence in Mexico on the gun dealers in Texas, not the actual criminals who pull the trigger on those weapons. See to liberals the person who commits the actual violent act is not responsible. There is always something or someone else to blame.

The article states there are 3,800 gun dealers in Texas and 300 are in Houston. The only negative in that statistic is perhaps those numbers are too low. Of course the article is critical of the National Rifle Association – NRA. Nowhere in this lengthy article was there any blame for the bums who fire the weapons in violence.

Out of the 933 words in this article only 28 are used to barely mention weapons from Central America and the Mexican military find their way to the drug cartels.

The article also mentions when guns are seized from the drug cartels, the location where they were purchased can easily identified. However it is against U.S. law to reveal those identities. Then it reads The Washington Post has the name of 12 such dealers and mentions one located in Houston by name. See, the news media is above the law in the USA.

The best is at the end of the slanted article, they write if a 22 year old female entered a gun shop, handed over $15,000 and asked for 20 AK-47’s, one might want to ask if she needs them. Really? As long as she can legally purchase the weapons and has the money, it is noneya, no one’s business.

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