Saturday, May 30, 2009

USSA United Socialist States of America May, 2009

The plan is to post one video at the end of each month while President Obama is in The White House, and them dar Democrats control both houses of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives). The United Socialist States of America emerged after the election of November, 2008, form the ashes of the United States of America (USA).

The May accomplishments of President Obama and them dar Democrats:

1---The organization noted for voter fraud, ACORN, will be participating in gather data for the 2010 census.
2--- Obama administration is fighting to have Nazi concentration camp guard John Demjanjuk deported to Germany for trail. Mr. Demjanjuk is fighting deportation for fear of being tortured in Germany. Obama administration said that will not happen because Germany following same rules USA followed at GITMO. Yet Obama accuses the USA of torture. Do does that mean the Germans also torture?
3---President Obama said the days of flying to Las Vegas on private jets are over. Yet Obama traveling on private jet to Las Vegas for a fund raiser for Harry Reid.
4---Obama slashes Chryslers advertising budget which in not capitalism.
5---President Bushs deficit 480 billion, President Obama's deficit 1.8 trillion, and the Democrats and the news media are okay with Obamas huge deficit.
6---The government orders Chrysler dealerships to close dealerships. Most of who donated to the Republican Party.
7---Speaker of the House, the Democratic Party Congressman from San Francisco, California, Nancy Pelosi is a liar
8---Obama flipped on CIA photos of interrogations and terrorist trials
9---Obama confiscated the banking industry.
10---Obama confiscated the auto industry.
11---Obama said will close Guantanamo, Democrats in Congress voted to defeat money to close Guantanamo.
12---Vice President Joe Biden revealed the location and description of the secured bunker for a VP at the VPs residence at the National Observatory. Such a revelation is a violation of law subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. Obama exiled Biden to the Balkans.
13---Waterboarding issue was only used the 3 terrorist, 1 who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl, another who revealed a 9/11 style attack on L.A.
14---Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayer has had 60% of her rulings overturned. Also in 2004 she ruled the right to own a gun is not in the Constitution.
15---Democrats want to have a 25% national sales tax (VAT Value Added Tax).
16---US economy contracted 5.7% in 1st quarter - how after trillions borrowed and spent?

All us good little Nikitas need to keep abreast of what our elective representatives are up to in their mission not to represent us.

Here is the article appearing in the Russian newspaper: Pravda, titled, "American capitalism gone with a whimper:"

As worn in past videos: black armband, soviet star, and the Order of Lenin. However in this video just wearing a RED t-shirt to symbolize the direction this nations is in both politically and economically Comrade!

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