Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sri Lanka Civil War results in a Tamil Tiger defeat, the untold story

The horrific civil war on the island nation of Sri Lanka came to an end with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka is an island nation off the coast of the sub-continent of India in the Indian Ocean. The Sri Lankans who are 93% Buddhist were battling the Tamil people who are 88% Hindu.

This war has resulted in both sides committing terroristic attacks upon civilians. Both the Tamils and Sri Lankans seem to be equally responsible. This island nation lies approximately in the middle of the sea oil route of oil from the Middle East to China. Because of the geo-political strategic location the Chinese communist are supplying the Sri Lankans with weapons, and training in their battle to suppress the Tamil Tigers.

With the Chinese communist help of the Sri Lankans they were able to build a sea port in the waterfront Sri Lankan town of Hambantota. In this port it is reported the Chinese are also building a naval base. Nothing wrong with the commies building this port or a naval base. However since they have become major parties in this area they selected to fuel the flames of violence rather than try to negotiate a peace between the two warring parties.

Much like their behavior in Sudan. The Sudanese are engaged in genocide in Darfur, and the Chinese communist are supplying the Sudanese governments with weapons to continue their genocidal activities in Darfur.

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