Sunday, May 3, 2009

Japanese education plagued by the red menace, teacher unions, and administrators

Numerous reports coming out of Japan suggest public school educators in Japan are hindered by left leaning administers and teacher unions.

Please click on the link below to read two messages from a teacher in Japan, and a student at Wasedia University in Tokyo, Japan. Once on the site, this video will be there, look below this videos description for the three messages:

Apparently the leftist have commandeered control of the education system in Japan as they have in the United States (USA).

The teachers is Japan discourage forms of national pride. They teach about the USA's nuclear test in the Pacific Ocean while never mentioning the Soviet nuclear testing in TSAR. The teachers glorify communist nations while berating capitalism. They teach of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, while neglecting to mention on the same date the Soviets invaded Manchukuo. Students are urged to read newspapers such as "Red Flag" (Akahata).


Yuichi said...

I am 23, from Japan, and also graduated Waseda university last year(I'm not the same person you took a message before). Today I want to tell you about our university and communism. Of course this is only a personal experience, so please consider it as only my subjective memo.

Our university was and is one of a center of left-wings(around our university, there is a communist office "", which engages revolution with violence, and publishes books about communism and managing money for communists. Actually, our university once stopped an university festival, because the festival had become a source of money for communists) and welcomed Hu Jintao last year, when many people was active for free-Tibet.

This was one of a show produced by communists and chinese students. Most of us, that is to say Japanese and other students from overseas except China, could not enter the building Hu Jintao speeched at. And the media in Japan reported that night, which was "Hu Jintao's speech was really succeed!Students in Waseda welcomed Hu Jintao enthusiastically!" The truth was completely different. Many Japanese and other nation's students protested at Hu Jintao, and there were so many conflicts outside between chinese students and us. My Chinese friends, who were anti-communism, sadly also engaged in welcoming Hu Jintao, as a "Chinese", and had attacked Japanese or other nation's students. I am convinced that Chinese communism ideology is now changing to chinese imperialism. My friends had told that Tibet, Taiwan, Mongol, Uyghur, even Korea and all of south-east asian countries, were and are their own lands. This is a problem east Asia now faces.

As some Japanese said, I was also educated by teachers who have communism ideologies. Teachers have educated how wrong Japan was, and how cruel US was. I went to a memorial buildings of Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima as a school trip, and went to Nagasaki to know what US did to Japan. And some teachers in junior high school had said that Russia and China had right to have atomic bombs, because if they don't have it, US invades all countries around the world. We have different feelings for one event. Some believes Hiroshima was right, some believes wrong, and some believes Pearl Harber was right, some believes wrong. This is normal for democratic countries. We don't need to hesitate to represent our views. And the most important thing we should have is, as you always say, what I do now. To have communism thoughts is free for teachers, but it's not normal that students are forced to take that thoughts in.

I'm sorry not to be good at English. And again, this is only my personal experience. I believe that personal experiences are sometimes good to understand one thing, but it's not good to know facts. I believe facts are not personal or subjective matters, so I hope you treat this my personal memo as only a reference.

Satoshi said...

Adding to the video is:

Communist party of Japan is no longer the ally of CCP but since their "Red" image is always associated with rather extremest, they remain minority. Now they are thinking about "changing its name". Their influence in the diet is less than 2%.

The real thugs rottening Japan's education is Social Democratic Party, and now the Democrats who came in power.

According to the SDP, the nuclear weapons that china has is "Clean" nuclear. That laughs my ass off to death. They denounce any form of courtesy visit to the war memorial shrine. They wouldn't admit the abduction of our people by North Korea. If Kim Jong Il lands on Japan, I'm sure they will welcome this little bonehead with red carpet.

So tell me. These kind of people are always there in every country. How come they don't go live in their ideal China or North Korea?