Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Sea Shepherd trying to electrocute the Japanese mariners?

If you look at the flag used by the girly men of Sea Shepherd, it is similar to a pirates flag. The children of the rust bucket garbage scow harass the Japanese whaling fleet while pretending to be pirates. Also Captain Kangaroo has been known to where a navy jacket. Thus the perfect anti-pirate hat would be the hat of the United States Navy which has recently demonstrated their anti-pirate abilities. That is the reason for the U.S. Navy hat in this video.

Communication was received from Canada revealing details about Sea Shepherd and their operations, and about Cabin Boy and Captain Kangaroo. It was stated that Sea Shepherd on their garbage scow line front of the hull with cement to effect a greater damage upon the Japanese whaling fleet upon a ramming impact. However unable to verify. Another detail to surface was that the girly men after ramming the Japanese ship tried to fling on the deck of the Japanese ship an electrical charged rod. This brought to mind an earlier video released by the Japanese clearly showing the girly men in pursuit of this endeavor. Upon further examination it does look as if an attempt was made to electrically charge the Japanese ship. See for yourself in this video.

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