Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blood thirsty savage Chinese Communist MURDER Tibetan protestor

This video is about the blood thirsty communist who oppress China and comment crimes against humanity by their blood thirsty murderous executions in the tradition of the Nazis, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and various despots who find joy and happiness in the misery and murder of innocents.

Ours is a just God and these murderers will have to answer for their blood thirsty lifestyle in the here-after.

These murdering Communist bums from Beijing are executing dissidents in Tibet in cold blood. The government of China and their products should be shunned by a civilized world.

President Nixon thought by bringing the communist government of China into the world of nations, it would civilize them. President Nixon was wrong as there is no civilizing these savages. They are low-life monsters!

A Texas saying: "They are lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut."

Website with graphic photos, beware:

Remember these photos when you purchase something made in China.

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Skye said...

Nixon did not bring in the Chinese to civilize them. Nixon created an strategic alliance with them in order to confront the USSR. China needed the USA and the USA needed China from the 1960s up until 1989. In fact, George H.W. Bush was the first envoy to China and later established good relations with them under Ronald Reagan, the supposed anti-communist. The only propoganda that I see here is what you've been publishing.