Friday, April 10, 2009

Somali pirates beholding to Democrats for neutering the U.S. Navy

Somali pirates hold an American sea Captain hostage are holding off the U.S. Navy, the mightiest navy in the history of this planet. This is being done by four or five pirates with an American merchant sea captain being held hostage in a dingy.

The American merchant ship Maersk Arun of the Maersk Line, registered out of Virginia was pirated off the Horn of Africa, Somalia. The crew managed to regain control of the ship, while the pirates spirited off to a dingy taking the American captain hostage.

U.S. Navy ship, USS Bainbridge, named after United States Navy officer, Captain William Bainbridge. Captain Bainbridge was captain of the USS Philadelphia in 1803 in an attack upon the Barbary pirates in Tripoli. Captain Bainbridge was captured and President Thomas Jefferson sent in the U.S. Marines who rescued the captain. This led to the insertion of the line in the Marine Corps hymn, to the shores of Tripoli.

Captain Richard Philips now being held a few days as hostage can see the U.S warship off in the distance. He attempts to escape by jumping off the dingy and swimming away. The captain most likely thought a U.S. Navy Seal team would be in the water to rescue him. However the captain must have forgotten that Democrats now ran the Congress and The White House, meaning there would be no military attempt at a rescue. The captain was recaptured.

The Obama administration answer was to send in an FBI hostage negotiation team, thus treating this as a criminal action instead of a hostile action as noted by the Roman law, Hostis Humani Generis (enemies of the human race). President Obama refused to address the issue when asked at a news conference. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cackled about it during a news conference and referred to the actions of the pirates as criminals. Meaning they plan to address this in a court of law instead of at the business end of a bullet.

While the U.S. Navy has its hands tied by the Democrats, the Somali pirates are rushing in other ships to the area with hostages taken from other ships. Thus raising the intensity of the situation and making it difficult for any military rescue. Just what the Obama administration and Democrats must have been praying for.

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