Monday, April 27, 2009

Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi from the group SMAP is a man with class

In the park in Tokyo, Japan police arrested Tsuyoshi Kusanagi for being in the park drunk and nude in the Minato Ward. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Mr. Kusanagi and he spent the night.

The next day dressed in a suit and tie Mr. Kusanagi held a press conference. At the conference he bowed before the nation, asked for forgiveness and apologized for his shameful behavior. As a result of this youthful indiscretion Mr. Kusanagi lost advertisement endorsements and this could have a negative impact upon his successful career.

This one incident illustrates the stark difference between the culture in Japan and that of the West, specifically the United States of America, more notably Hollywood. Such scandals in Hollywood serve as resume enhancements and many times can propel an individuals career. While in the USA where the perverts in Hollywood celebrate public debauchery, it seems in Japan such public behavior does not meet with the same approval.

The incident happened in the Kasumigaseki district of Chiyoda Ward, and held at the Harajuku Police Station.

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