Friday, June 20, 2008

GreenPeace arrested in Japan- ha ha ha ha ha

Two members of GreenPeace Japan were arrested in Japan for stealing a box of whale meat from a parcel delivery warehouse. They claimed there where conducting an investigation and turned the stolen meat over to the police so the police could continue further with the investigation. The police investigated already, and would up arresting two GreenPeace activist.

GreenPeace is claiming the ship involved in the recent whale hunts gave boxes of whale meant to crew members. This is true, as it is the tradition among the ship operators to give a box of whale meat to the crew as a bonus. GreenPeace is claiming the meat belongs to Japan since the taxpayers of Japan support the whale hunts.

When they stole the box of meat for their investigation they were playing the roles of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, trying to conduct an unauthorized investigation. Then when the attempted to turn the meat over to the police and not keep it form themselves, the played to role of Robin Hood and his merry band of men in Sherwood Forest. Did anyone ask the Sheriff of Nottingham what he thought?

We have Sea Shepherd and cabin boy playing pirate on the high seas, and now we have GreenPeace Japan playing Sherlock Holmes and Robin Hood. Could these people stop playing children games and get real jobs?

Perhaps these two groups can be convinced to play Star Wars and we can ship them all to the star ship Enterprise in outer space. Is the Milky Way ready for them?

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takasito said...

Greenpeace / Sea Shepherd / PETA or ALF all of them have been working each other for asking people more donation. Some groups tend to be more scientific, some are just behaving like ALF. They use the Media in order to gather more donation.

This is a serious business and they are only good at stealing from the industry already exsisting. Not all activists have been chased by the FBI, but there are some who have been tracked and already been to jail.