Sunday, June 15, 2008

Commies behind Korean demonstrations, ha ha ha

The good people of South Korea who have been demonstrating against the importation of USA beef have been exploited by the communist. The communist have been taking advantage of their fears and concerns. The leading and oldest South Korean newspaper, "The Chosun Ilbo," recently published an editorial outlining the shadowy, left leaning, if not outright communist sympathizers, behind these demonstrations.

The issue of mad cow and beef from the United States just gave these communist an excuse to work up the demonstrators into an anti-President Lee, and anti-USA to gain their political objectives. All this while taken advantage of the emotions of the very people they claim to have a concern for.

In ancient Greece there was a philosopher named Diogenes. Diogenes was seen walking the streets in daylight carrying a lit lantern. When asked the reason, he replied he was looking for an honest man. Where is that lantern on the streets of Seoul looking for man who recognizes these communist instigators for who they are?

Here is the link to the editorial:

Free trade between South Korea and the United States also means a free market place, which works both ways.

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