Monday, June 9, 2008

Gas Food prices, blame the bums in Congress

Face it; we and most of the world have an oil base economy. No denying it, never mind we need alternative methods of fuel; the fact is we need oil NOW. Get the oil first, and then develop the alternative fuel methods. President Bush asked Congress to allow new oil drilling and Congress tells him now. President Bush then travels to Saudi Arabia asking them to increase their oil output. They must have looked at President Bush like he was a nut, because the United States of America has just as much oil as is in the Middle East, if not more. However the Congress of these here United States refuses to allow the USA to be energy independent, thus keeping us dependent on despotic regimes for our source of energy.

Thirty years ago we use to pump nine million barrels of oil a day in the United States. In the past 30 years our population has increased, and demand for petroleum has risen, yet our oil production has been reduced to five million barrels of oil a day. This only makes sense to wacko environmentalist and Congress.

Congress refuses to allow America to establish new oil drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. However the Cubans are allowing the Chinese to drill for oil in their portion of the Gulf, and they are drilling horizontally in capture oil in the American portion of the Gulf.

Face it we no longer have a Congress that represents us. Representative democracy in the United States is a façade, it is a joke, and no longer exists.

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