Sunday, July 8, 2018

Watson the Blasphemous

Watson the Blasphemous

Criminal Cosplay Watson the Horrible, the Blasphemous on his Facebook page “Paul Watson,” wrote the following on Sunday, June 17, 2018, 2 PM:

Republican Jesus
(The New 10 Commandments)

1. Thou shall worship the white revisionist Jesus because God has ordained that Jesus is now a white, male, right wing, Republican American.

2. Thou shall honor the NRA and keep a firearm as a sign of devotion to Republican Jesus.

3. Thou shall obey and worship our devoted son Donald Trump for he is I, and we are of the 2nd coming. I am he, and he is me, and we will show our flock the way to material riches and happiness and how to meet porn stars.

4. Inferior children must be segregated from their inferior parents and cast into internment camps for the sake of the superior races. God does not like non-white foreign children for they are too poor to be consumers.

5. God is white. God is rich. God hates Fags. God helps those who help themselves. God loves Consumers. God wants everyone to know their place. God knows where your place should be at all times.

6. God has given the Earth to his chosen people to befoul and spoil as they please, for our God rewards his children with riches and luxury in return for absolute devotion and obedience.

7. Animals like Muslims have no souls and may be abused and killed for food and amusement. God hates vegans. God hates the weak. God demands sacrifices in blood and misery.

8. God had given the gift of women to men as their servants of pleasure and to bear their children and God demands that wives and daughters obey their fathers and husbands without question or hesitation.

9. God has given white men the Bible to interpret as they wish to justify their wants and needs. The Republican Messiah’s new disciple Jeff Sessions has been granted God’s permission to take inferior brown babies from the arms of their inferior brown mothers.

10. God has declared that Israel is the promise land, the most important of all lands and that America must support and protect Israel from all criticism, no matter what the cost in human rights abuses and deaths. God stands with America and Israel against all other nations.

We Have Made God Great Again.
From the GOPSPEL According to Donald.
Disclaimer: This is sarcasm everyone, protected by the 1st Amendment and the 1st Amendment does not care if you are offended by sarcasm and political cartoons.

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