Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Obama’s caged children program blame Trump

 Obama’s caged children program 
blame Trump

Last week President Trump held an historic meeting with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  Then the U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General issued his report on the FBI’s Hilary’s investigation.  Both the meeting and report were good news for President Trump.  The news media and Democrats had to deflect from this good news.

That is when they resurrected a program under the Obama administration separating children from the parents who illegally entered the United States.  However instead of vilifying Obama, they blamed Trump.  Emotional liberals feel for this ruse and started accusing Trump for Obama’s activity.

Democrats, liberals, and news media, are all bemoaned it is inhuman to separate a child from his or her parent(s).  They expressed compassion for illegals in the USA.  However if a U.S. citizen violates the law, gets arrested, that person is separated from his or her children.  Where is the concern there?  None!  That is because Democrats, liberals, and the fake news media care nothing for citizens, while having a pity party for illegals.   

As someone on Facebook wrote:

“That moment when leftists get angry at Trump for what Obama did four years ago.”

Article concerning Obama administration caging children:

Explaining how this program started with the Obama administration:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

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Unknown said...

Hi. I am a mother from Japan.
I saw your Japan branch (Mr. Fujiki) made speech in UN 38th session of human rights regarding the child-abduction in Japan.

1st of all, thank you! Thank you for the great speech and accurate grasp of the situation.

Japan still gives a sole-custody to one of the divorcing parents.

My situation is that I(Mother) lost the custody to my ex (A Canadian) and he is now re-married to a Singaporean, and he clearly mentioned in the court that he is going to Singapore with kids when he finds a job there.

But the court turns a blind eye and letting him to take kids overseas.
This is a clear violation of UN Convention of Child right, Article 9 (below)

"Article 9

1. States Parties shall ensure that a child shall not be separated from his or her parents against their will"

I do not know how to prevent this happening.
If there is "any" suggestion you can make, I appreciate it very much.