Monday, June 11, 2018

Watson speaks with fork tongue

Watson speaks with fork tongue

Native Americans (First Nations) in Canada’s British Columbia operate salmon farms.   Sea Shepherd sent one of their rust bucket garbage scows the R/V Martin Sheen

Part of an article with link below:

“At a recent press conference in Vancouver, Tlowitsis First Nation Chief John Smith also asked Sea
Shepherd to stay away. “I have a message for them. Stay away from our territory, and our partners farms. You are not invited here,” he said according to a My Comox Valley Now report.

Sea Shepherd found Paul Watson responded by calling Chief Smith a liar and claiming Sea Shepherd has “right of free navigation anywhere we go in British Columbian waters.” Chief Smith’s request was echoed at the press conference by Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nation elder and businessman, James Walkus, WiumasgumQwe’Qwa’Sot’Enox Clan Chief Harold Sewid, and salmon farm manager and Tlowitsis Nation member Maurice Isaac, whose salmon farm and staff were targeted with harassment and verbal abuse by Paul Watson’s crew.”

Watson’s attack upon Native Americans is repulsive and it seems he is seeking revenge for Little Bighorn or his he an hallucinated descendant of General George Armstrong Custer?

Article where forked-tongue George Watson the Horrible Custer claims they were invited by “First Nations:”

Article where First Nations state Sea Shepherd is not welcomed:

Sea Shepherd claiming Native Americans in Canada will not be respected:

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