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Mio Sugita, the truth be told

Mio Sugita, the truth be told

Ms. Mio Sugita a member of the Japanese Diet (Parliament) in the House of Representatives as a member of the Liberal Democratic Party – LDP.  Ms. Sugita is currently experiencing vicious condemnation by liberals in Japan.  Her transgression was she dared to speak rationally on the homosexual issue in Japan.  To liberals that is third rail of politics, not to be discussed with any degree of disagreement. 

I would like to analyze what Ms. Sugita is reported to have said on this issue as it appeared in an article on 24 July, 2018, by Tomorhiro Osaki of The Japan Times.    

Allow an examination on parts of that article:

Title:  LDP lawmaker Mio Sugita faces backlash after describing LGBT people as ‘unproductive’

A ruling Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker has drawn a fierce backlash after labeling the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community “unproductive” in terms of childbirth, and warning that a society that accepts same-sex relationships risks “increasing unhappy people.”

ME – Tony Marano:
Correct in quoting Ms. Sugita and correctly explaining “unproductive in terms of childbirth.”  It is an undeniable truth same-sex couples are not able to reproduce and for a society as Japan with minus-population growth that is unproductive. 

“Increasing unhappy people,” in the USA the highest suicide rate at one time was among the gay community.  This was due to societal and family rejections.  Also due to numerous relationship conflicts.  A gay person once told me, “When it comes to sex there is no loyalty in the gay community.”  Thus a major conflict issue.      

In it, Sugita argued that there is no justification for efforts by the state and municipalities to invest taxpayers’ money into policies supporting same-sex couples because “these men and women don’t bear children — in other words, they are ‘unproductive.’ ”

ME – Tony Marano:
Once again the issue here is minus population growth in Japan.  Due to the low birth rate Japan is not replacing itself.  It is incumbent upon a rational government to incentivize reproduction through the traditional institution of marriage.  Subsidizing married couples having children contribute to reversing this negative trend.  Why subsidize same-sex couple who cannot cause their partner to reproduce?  Spending tax payers’ money should go towards those programs that benefit society.  Having children benefit’s Japan.

She went on in the article to recall her adolescence, the bulk of which she said she had spent being surrounded by female classmates in an all-girl school system.

In such an environment, it was not uncommon for girls around her to fantasize about becoming romantically involved with each other, she wrote. But they would soon outgrow that phase and move on to have “normal” lives by marrying husbands, Sugita wrote in the article.

ME – Tony Marano:
The tone of this written passage seems to take issue with Ms. Sugita referring to married couples as “normal.”  Opposite sex couple have been a part of civilization for a time before recorded history.  Thus being able to assign participation in the institution as being “normal.” 

The question of traditional marriage as being “normal” is a recent cultural devolution with its Genesis in Western liberalism.   

“A society deprived of ‘common sense’ and ‘normalcy’ is destined to lose ‘order’ and eventually collapse. I don’t want Japan to be a society like this,” she concluded in her four-page article.

ME – Tony Marano:
Need proof of what she wrote?  Just look east across Pacific to the USA.  Liberals in the USA have totally destroyed the institution of marriage and other time honored institutions.  Resulting in a total destruction of morality and once honored institutions.  They ruined education, entertainment, and freedoms.  The same cultural rot awaits Japan if it travels down this road.  Historians have noted a society turning towards normalizing debauchery is a society destined to die.  That is one of the main reasons for the collapse of Rome causing a thousand years of darkness in Europe known as the Dark Ages.

Ms Sugita is not being attacked for what she said or wrote but for being an empowered women, patriotic, and conservative.  Her attackers are extreme liberal following their politically correct counterparts in the USA.  What is happening to her is what happens to anyone who dares to cross the politically correct line by not supporting one-hundred percent those that fall within politically correct protected groups. 

These attacks fall in line with the advancement of hate speech law, which both are designed to suppress free speech.  When a society enjoys free speech, some will get offended.  That is the price of free speech a free people are willing to endure.  There is where liberals have a problem, allowing a free people to enjoy free speech.  If one expresses views opposite those approved by liberals, then that person must be attacked and demand suppression of that person’s free speech.  Japan do not allow this to happen.  Protect Japan from these invaders. 

Japan is being exploited on this issue by liberals and attacking Mio for this.  The liberals in Japan are determined to ruin Japan as liberals in the USA have ruined the USA.  These liberals must be stopped on any issue they advance.  By doing so you save Japan from the cultural degradation they imposed upon the USA. SAVE JAPAN BY BLOCKING A LIBERAL ON ANY ISSUE.   

I have known Mio Sugita for a number of years.  I have enjoyed a luncheon and conferences with her. 

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