Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama / Syria: Bombs away

Obama / Syria: Bombs away

Syrian dictator President Bashar al-Assad is being accused of using chemical weapons / weapons of mass destruction / WMDs on his own people murdering hundreds of civilians.  This accusation has caused President Obama and some European nations to threaten the use of force to “punish” the Syrian regime.

Hey President Obama how is the Nobel Peace Prize working for you?  Soon after President Obama was inaugurated in early 2009, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, not for what he done but for what he has the potential of doing towards attaining peace.

How come the anti-war crowds, liberals, Democrats and the news media are not complaining about this possible military action by the USA because of WMDs?  Dijavu?

When President Bush accused Iraq’s Saddam Hussein of having WMD these groups were calling him a liar and said it was made up just to enrich Bush’s oil friends.  Even though Saddam Hussein did use WMD’s on his own people, President Bush still faced opposition and criticism from these same groups today who are supporting President Obama. 

President Obama wants the USA to attack Syria for using WMDs yet when President Bush did the same in Iraq, he was criticized.  See when Democrat uses the military it is justified, when a Republican does it, it is for personal profit according the median, Democrats, and liberals.      

As of the posting of this video there has been no conclusive proof that the Syrian government use WMDs or if they were used at all.  Why would the Syrian government use WMD’s when the war was going in their favor to bring world condemnation upon them? 

President Bush brought the USA into Afghanistan and Iraq after receiving Congressional authorization.  As of date President Obama has not sought or received Congressional authorization.  As seen with this regime in Washington, DC the laws only apply to the peasants and not the ruling class.

President Obama, what is the exit strategy?  That was a question constantly asked of President Bush, so why not asked of President Obama?  Because Bush is a Republican and Obama a Democrat.

Iran and Syria have threatened if Syria is attacked by the USA, they will attack Israel.  If that happens the war in the Middle East will expand causing the price of oil to rise and give President Obama’s oil friends a huge profit.

The people in this region hate the USA.  The USA freed 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq and all 50 million freed hate the USA.  Both sides and all sides in the Syrian conflict hate the USA and will continue to hate the USA.

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