Monday, August 5, 2013

Glendale California Prostitute memorial

Glendale California Prostitute memorial

The City of Glendale, California erected a statue honoring prostitution masquerading it as a memorial to the Comfort Women of Asia during and before World War Two.

The attempt was to lead people to think the Comfort Women memorial was in memory of women forced to be sex slaves for the Japanese military.  The lie was exposed by the discovery of a report issued in 1944 (a year before the war ended in the Pacific) by the U.S. Army stating these women were well paid prostitutes who were recruited. 

The report was validated by the United States National Archives and sent to the City of Glendale’s City Council to be ignored by them.   

Since the City Council of Glendale is aware these Comfort Women were well-paid prostitutes, then it means the statue they erected is a beacon to attract prostitutes to their city. 

A few years ago when the USA visa waiver program started for South Koreans, the flood of Korean prostitutes to the USA started.  Since there are multitudes of prostitutes in South Korea, the going rate is reduced as the supply is plentiful.  Going to America to work their trade gurantees higher prices for their trade and easy entry to due to the visa waiver program. 

Resulting in many U.S. cities being overrun with South Korean ladies of the evening (prostitutes).  The City of Glendale’s memorial can only be interpreted as a beacon to attract more of these women from South Korea, because the City Councils is aware of the truth about the Comfort Women of World War Two and before.

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