Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of life panels - where?

The healthcare bill passed by the United States House of Representatives, the lower house of the Congress, is reported to have wording addressing end of life issues. Repeatedly The White House, the Democrats, and the news media have denied any such reference existed in the healthcare legislation passed.

Now it comes out the United States Senate they will eliminate the end of life provision. Now how can the Senate eliminate a provision which according to The White House, the Democrats, and the American news media did not exist? Who is the liar here?

The healthcare legislation passed by the House of Representatives is near 1,400 pages. The United States Constitution which is the foundation of the government and the law of the land is only about 23 pages which include all the amendments. This document in all its brevity has been sufficient for the United States of America (USA), since 1787, the Constitution Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The administration, the Democrats, and the news media pundits have been vilifying the vocal opponents of government healthcare for their behavior at town hall meetings. These groups have claimed their opposition was un-American. Really! When Bills wife, madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the carpet bagger Senator from New York during the years President Bush was in office, she said dissent was patriotic. Now that the dissent is aimed at the Democrats, all of a sudden it is un-American. Typical duplicity and hypocrite behavior of liberals. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Dissent in the United States is patriotic and healthy for the republic.

Remember do not get into an argument, heated debate, or any form of confrontation with a liberal. They are looking for an incident to unleash their thugs and to suppress opposition to this administration. Smile at a liberal. Laugh at a liberal. Their behavior is comical so why not enjoy the moment and laugh at the thus depriving the fascist the incident they are seeking.

The yellow t-shirt word in this video references the Gadsden Flag, from the American Revolution. Which its design was influenced by Benjamin Franklin. The Gadsden flag in this discussion is relevant because of the beating Kenneth Gladney suffered by the SEIU thugs after the Representative Russ Carnahan, Democrat in St. Louis. Mr. Gladney was outside passing out small Gadsden flags, when the thugs from the SEIU (union) punched him the face, hurled racial slurs at him, beat him to the ground and continue to kick him while on the ground. To date unable to locate if a hate crime was charged to the thugs who administered this beating.

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