Monday, August 10, 2009

Al-Qaeda in China?

Al-Qaeda has been responsible for carrying out and/or planning terrorist attacks in many nations notably in Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America (USA).

It is interesting that in these three nations people of all religions are free to worship unhindered by the government and the populace. If one examines the nations that were on Al-Qaedas hit list, the one nation not on that list is China. Remember now according to the Uighur (Uyghur) in and outside of China, there is suppression of the religion in Xinjiang, western China. Not hard to believe considering the communist in Beijing have historically feared any religion.

So why is it Al-Qaeda has not attacked inside China (please understand hopefully there will never be a terrorist attack in China)? See in the West in countries like the UK, the USA, and Australia they are crippled by liberalism which is a mental disorder. The liberals in those nations reduced their terrorist fighting skills to playing patty-fingers, making nice, and the Marquis of Queensbury Rules. This causes the terrorist to interpret that as weakness and no respect. They laugh at countries restricted by these rules. While the commies in communist led China abide by no such rules and the terrorist not only respect that, but they fear it.

Perhaps we in the West can take a lesson on dealing with terrorist from China.

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