Saturday, January 4, 2020

Catholic Nancy Pelosi the Pius

Catholic Nancy Pelosi the Pius

At a press conference Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi became Nancy the Pius.  The press conference was to announce her calling for articles of impeachment to be drawn up against President Donald Trump.  Proving Democrats fear the voice of the people in an election.

While Nancy the Pius was leaving the conference a reporter yelled a question / statement towards Madam Speaker the Pius.  This caused the hairs in the back of her bias neck to rise up.  She then turned around and returned to the podium to pontificate her heresy. 

Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi the Pius raised the following points during her mild rage:

1-She said the President should be concerned with helping kids who are afraid of gun violence.  Really?  What about the “kids” in the womb who are afraid of being murdered by her support of abortion?

2-Continued to claim he should be concerned about helping “our dreamers.” 
Rebuke:  What about helping the unborn babies dreaming about birth who are facing murder by abortion?

3-Nancy the Pius then claimed she is a Catholic and taking offense to the reporters remarks. 
Oh sure she claims to be a Roman Catholic on certain issues, however when it comes to abortion, her devotion to Catholicism is nowhere to be seen or heard.  The heretic speaker is a cafeteria Catholic, or CINO – Catholic In Name Only.   

4-The Speaker then ended by claiming she prays for the president.  Huh?
Who is she praying to?  The Democrats in the last two Democratic Party Conventions for president voted to remove “God” from their platform.  So who or what does she pray to?  The tree in her front yard or their non-existence God?  

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