Saturday, January 4, 2020

Comfort Women Mafia soiling Australia

Comfort Women Mafia soiling Australia

Recently a hunk of junk, known as the Comfort Women statue has been placed in Melbourne, Australia.  It is on the private property of The Korean Society of Victoria Australia.  Also the group Melbourne Comfort Women Memorial Task Force - MCWM is claiming credit.  Could this be a Mafia turf war?

In a news article the Comfort Women Mafia claims they will continue to litter the landscape throughout the galaxy (they did not write “galaxy) until the following six demands are met.

Activists plan to keep erecting Comfort Women statues until:
1-Japan acceptance of legal responsibility,
2-disclosure of all documents,
3-formal public apologies
4-compensation to individual victims,
5-textbook revision
6-if possible, punishment of perpetrators.

If you believe meeting the six above demands will stop their form of Japan Bashing, there is a nice bridge in Brooklyn for sale for you to purchase. 

Note:  The explanation of selling a bridge in Brooklyn:

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