Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michael Savage interviews Paul Watson

Michael Savage interviews Paul Watson

Criminal cosplay Paul Watson was interviewed on a nation-wide radio show December 14th, 2016.  The radio show “Michael Savage” (“Savage Nation”).  Michael Savage interviewed Paul Watson with a series of questions.

Michael Savage: “Do they (“they” being the Japanese) fire guns at you?”

Paul Watson:  Oh yeah, ha ha ha.  We get shot at, we get concussion grenades thrown at us, they ram our boats, they try to prop foul us.  I was struck with a bullet in 2007 but I had a bullet proof vest on.  It gets violent.”

Further into the interview Watson said:  “They (“they” being the Japanese) took thirty million dollars from the tsunami relief fund” to subsidize the whalers.   

Exploring Watson’s hallucinations (claims):

“We get shot at.”
It was Sea Shepherd from their chartered vessel who shot arrows from a bow at the Japanese vessel.
launched arrow

"They ram our boats."
It was Sea Shepherd who illegally rams Japanese vessels.  Discovery Channel Animal Planets “Whale Wars” broadcasted such ramming’s by Sea Shepherd to the Japanese vessels.  Watson was so proud of their ramming’s they proudly displayed their illegal rams on the side of the vessel.  One of Sea Shepherd’s vessels was reinforced with concrete to cause greater damage upon ramming the Japanese vessels. 

“They try to prop foul us.”
What a joke.  It was Sea Shepherd who continually deployed thick rope and / or cables into the waters with the goal of snarling the propellers on the Japanese vessels.
“I was struck with a bullet.” 
Pure lie as exposed by at least three one-time Sea Shepherd crew members. 

“It gets violent.”
It sure does with Sea Shepherd causing the violence.  They aim high power lasers at the Japanese vessel’s piolets with the aim of blinding them.  They toss lit flairs on the Japanese decks causing fires within the nets on the decks.  They hurl bottles on the Japanese decks, breaking open on the slippery decks spreading broken glass.     

“They (“they” being the Japanese) thirty million dollars from the tsunami relief fund” to subsidize the whalers.  
That statement is to lead people to believe the money came from donated money from people around the world to assist the victims of the March, 2011 earthquake tsunami.  That is a pure lie.  The thirty million came from the Japanese government to assist the whalers.  However the truth has no place in Paul Watson / Sea Shepherd’s Japan bashing rhetoric.   

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