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Sea Shepherd “tossed” Flea Face

Sea Shepherd “tossed” Flea Face

Sea Shepherd’s Scott West / Flea Face on his Facelessbook page claims he was “tossed” from the floating circus cult group (Sea Shepherd).  Mr. West once enjoyed the cult group’s title of “Sea Shepherd Director of Intelligence and Investigations.”  Did Flea Face perhaps investigate too much illustrating a lack of intelligence?  According to Scott West he was thrown out of Sea Shepherd.   

It was Scott West in the early days of the Cove Guardian campaign in Taiji, Japan who led the harassment of local Japanese citizens.  When asked why he does what he does, he replied, because it was fun. 

Mr. West also once boasted while in the Faroe Islands that he would stand between a knife and a whale to save the life of the whale.  Guess what?  When the slicing up of the whales started in the Faroe Islands Mr. West was safely back in the USA.  

Not only was Flea Face “tossed” so was one-time Cove Guardian Campaign Leader Melissa Sehgal who met the same face as Mr. West. 

With the tossing of these two notable land team Sea Shepherd members prove there is a two-tier system in the cult group.  Those who are part of the land teams are disposable, while those who sail on the rust-bucket garbage scows are part of the elites.  

Mr. West on his Facelessbook page indicated it was difficult for the cult group to get volunteers into Taiji this season.  In the Faroe Islands they have held a number of whale harvests this summer and Sea Shepherd nowhere to defend Watson’s clients the whales.

With these Sea Shepherd difficulties where is cosplay Paul Watson?  He is or was in Vermont attending a Comic Book Convention.  Yep that will save whales in the Faroe Islands and dolphins in Taiji, Japan. 

Flea Face noted on his Facelessbook page: “SSCS is more like a cult.”  Now he realized that?    

Scott West  / Flea Face claiming he was thrown out (“tossed”) out of Sea Shepherd (note: read the comments.  Read Melissa’s comment dated August 27 5:57PM):

Here is Melissa Sehgal’s comment replying to Scott West / Flea Face Facelessbook posting:

“There have been many loyal people tossed out like trash without explanation and not much notice....myself included.

It breaks my heart to see what has become of the CG campaign and U.S. SSCS”

Cosplay Watson attends comic book convention in Vermont, USA:

Watson making excuses for their current Taiji campaign (Operation Infinite Patience) failure:

FBI article about Sea Shepherd and eco-terrorism, see the sixth paragraph:

Please donate to Sea Shepherd:

Link to photographs of Watson in his cosplay costume at a previous what seems to be a costume party:

More Sea Shepherd videos:

Link to Texas Daddy store:

Scott West Facebook note SSCS a cult - click on above to enlarge
Melissa Sehgal Facebook note being tossed out of SSCS - click on above to enlarge

Scott West Facebook note - click on the above to enlarge

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