Thursday, March 19, 2015

South Korean Fascists in New York City

South Korean Fascists in New York City

March 9th, 2015 was a scheduled event in New York City titled “Texas Night.”  This conference featured me as a speaker along with four distinguishes speakers from Japan. 

The event was scheduled in a building in Midtown Manhattan, on a floor rented by Japanese group “A.”  I give the two groups involved “A” and “B” because I neglected with write down their names.  Japanese group “B” conducting the event asked group “A” if we could use their facilities.  Group “A’ agreed.  Fascists Koreans living in the New York area issued a call for Koreans to demonstrate in the street against this conference “Texas Night.”  What’s the matter these fascists do not like Texans?      

The Korean fascists issued a call on social media with an announcement which read:



Then illustrated the Japanese Navy flag with “BUST JAPANESE FASCISTS!” scrolled across the flag.  Plus they gave the date, time, and address of the event.

The building owner was threatened by the Korean fascists with having at least three-hundred people protesting in the street.  The New York City Police Department guaranteed protection for the conference protecting free speech.  The NYPD said they would close off the whole city block to prevent the Korean fascists protesters. 

The building owner was concerned about a disruption to business on the block and asked group “A” to cancel the conference.  Group “A” notified group “B” of the cancelation basically folding like a cheap suit.  However it is understandable not wanting to disrupt business, however they did give in to Korean fascists bullies. 

The venue was moved to a room at an Italian restaurant also located in Midtown Manhattan.  My reply was had this been an Italian group being threatened we would have said, “Bring it on.”  However as I wrote earlier I can understand the concern. 

Just before the conference started at this new venue about twenty Korea fascists showed up demonstrating outside the restaurant.  We went outside to enjoy their performance.  The owner of the restaurant was outside also urging the protestors to leave or he would telephone the police.  Time to start the conference so we went inside.

The Korean fascists were chanting and hold placards calling us “fascists.”  Who were the ones behaving like fascists?  They wanted to shut down our conference, while we enjoyed and laughed at their protest.  Fascists cannot handle opposing views and bully opponents into submission.    

A few hours after the conference concluded the owner came to the back room.  He said the police arrived and arrested six of the fascists.  Looking at him and his mannerism and his refusal to be intimidated by bullies, I asked, “Hey Frank you are Italian correct?”  He smiled and replied, “Sicilian.”  I turn to the others and said, “See Italians do not back down to bullies.” 

A good time was had by all.

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