Monday, March 16, 2015

Koreans in Okinawa, Yankee Go Home

 Koreans in Okinawa, Yankee Go Home

Okinawa, Japan is riddled with numerous United States military bases.  There are groups on Okinawa who want to close down the U.S. bases. 

These U.S. bases are needed to assist the U.S. Marines to respond rapidly in the event aggression needs to be halted or just provide a deterrent.   

The Okinawans who have a legitimate concern about the American bases are being exploited by the commies.  The commies in China and North Korea would like to see American bases close in Okinawa.  With a decrease USA role in Asia the commies will be free to continue with their aggressive belligerent activities against their neighbors in Asia.  More specifically they can be expected to move on Japan’s Senkaku Islands, and Okinotorishima atoll (Marcus). 

When these Okinawans demonstrate, they are in agreement with the commies, all though both for very different reasons, however still commie condoned. 

If the U.S. is removed from Okinawa it would create a security vacuum with the commies rushing in to fill the void to the disadvantage of Japan.  Before injecting the USA perhaps the Okinawans may want to support Prime Minister Abe’s attempt to revise Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution and redefine the Japanese military.      

Disturbing aspects of the anti-American bases protest in Okinawa are signs written in Korean.  Huh?  Okinawa is in Japan, not Korea, so why signs in Koreans?  It is easy to dismiss them as being affiliated with the Communist in North Korea and Dear Leader of the Hermit Kingdom. 

One particular sign had a web address written across the bottom:

It is a website for the group “Solidarity for Peace and Reunification of Korea.”   Note of interest:  Recently United States Ambassador Mark Lippert was attacked in Seoul, South Korea by Kim Ki-jong.  It is reported the slasher Kim Ki-jong belongs to a reunification group.

Note to Koreans both North and South:  The United States military is on the Korean peninsular with the approval of the South Korean government.  If you feel the American military is an impediment to reunification, instead of slashing U.S. Ambassadors or protesting on Okinawa, just ask the South Korean government to send the Yankees home – Yankee go home.    

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