Thursday, January 22, 2015

Commies in China correct on this one

Commies in China correct on this one

A popular television drama in China titled “The Empress of China,” has caught the ire of the Communist government in Beijing.  The moralist in Beijing decided the television drama was revealing too much cleavage of the females in the show. 

The show was interrupted and when it returned, the camera zoomed in on the women’s faces avoiding the airing of low necklines revealing too much cleavage.  Many in China cried “censorship.” 

What some call “censorship,” I label “quality control.”  This video was difficult for me to make as I agree with the Communist in The Middle Kingdom (China) on this one issue.  I never thought in my life I would ever agree with any actions by a communist unless it was one to relinquish authority.

The government in China with this so-called prudish action is an attempt to maintain a veneer of morality.  Today if they allowed the lower cleavage revealing neckline, then tomorrow the smut and debauchery all too common on American television will degrade China’s entertainment industry.

As Confucius once wrote / said: “Every journey starts with a single step,” latter to be adopted by Mao Zedong.  In the USA it is called “incrementalism.”  Incrementalism is a favorite tactic employed by liberals and pervert thespians in the USA to degrade the culture and erase any forms of morality.  Today allow the lower necklines and before anyone notices all forms of perversion and debauchery will be common on Chinese television shows.  Stop it now or suffer with it later.
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