Thursday, January 22, 2015

Agree with criminal Watson?

Agree with criminal Watson?

Three toothfish poaching vessels have come to the attention of the New Zealand Navy.  In an effort to interdict and/or confiscate these vessels, the New Zealand Navy sent their patrol vessel the HMNZS Wellington to halt the poaching activities of these three vessels. 

The HMNZS Wellington arrived on the scene to photograph, video, and watch the poaching activities of the two poaching vessels:  Songhua and Kunlun.  The HMNZS Wellington returned to port allowing the three poaching vessels to continue their poaching.    The commander of the New Zealand Navy vessel said the waters were too rough to engage in a safe boarding. 

Photographs of the incident were released by the New Zealand Navy.  One photograph illustrates what might be considered rough seas.  However another photograph with the HMNZS Wellington and a poaching vessel clearly show a calm sea.  The sea is so calm it looks like the two vessels are resting on top of glass.

Subsequently Sea Shepherd’s criminal Watson post criticism of the New Zealand Navy on his Facelessbook page.  Could criminal Watson be correct in his criticism?  Who is correct here, the Wellington or the Watson?   

Criminal Watson’s Facelessbook criticism of the New Zealand Navy:
Criminal Watson

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