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Myanmar Buddhist Muslim violence

Myanmar Buddhist Muslim violence

The Asian nation of Burma (changed to “Myanmar” by the commies and approved by the American commie-loving news media) is a Buddhist nation by majority.  In the past few years there have been Buddhist riots against the Muslim minority in remote areas of the country.

On March 1, 2014 in The Dallas Morning News appeared an article reprinted from The Associated Press.  The article was in reference to Doctors Without Borders being thrown out of Myanmar (Burma) by the authorities.  The government of Burma (Myanmar) denied anti-Muslim violence had occurred in the Rakhine state against Rohingya Muslims by Buddhist. 

Note:  Since this video was made the authorities have allowed the doctors to return with some restriction. 

The article purposely omitted the reason for the Buddhist violence.  A few Buddhist women were ganged raped by Muslim men cause the Buddhist to resort to violence.  The Muslims were wrong for the rapes, and murder, while the violent Buddhist response is wrong.  Adding to the wrongs the American news media in an attempt to protect Muslims while vilifying Buddhist.

Since September 11, 2001, Muslims had become the third protected group in the USA.  Meaning the USA news media self-imposed restriction on negative Muslim reporting.  Prior to 9/11, the news media favored Buddhism as it was seen as an alternative to Christianity.  The American news media is dedicated to Christian bashing and an alternative religion fit.  Now with 9/11 and Muslims being protected, the Buddhist were tossed aside by the bias news media.        

Article referenced in this video:

Muslim rape / murder led to riots:

Political correctness in this report.  Notice when reporting Muslim violence the reporter uses the word “alleged.”  However when mentioning Buddhist violence, the word “alleged” is omitted:

Muslim attempted rape sparks riots in Burma:

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