Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Koreans attack Theodore Roosevelt in New York

Koreans in New York attack 
Theodore Roosevelt

South Koreans have been attacking Japan over the Comfort Women issue.  Recently they have been masquerading their hate for the USA behind this Comfort Women issue.  They desecrated a section of a park in New York dedicated to Korean War veterans with a monument to the Comfort Women. 

They placed a Comfort Women statue in a city park in Glendale, California.  They are also attempting to place a statue in a park dedicated to American War veterans in Cupertino, California.  Attempting to desecrate another American park devoted to American War veterans which can only be interpreted as hate for the USA.

In New York City, the American Museum of Natural History a rotunda has been dedicated to President Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President 1901 – 1909.  In 1935 William Andrew Mackay adorned the walls with murals illustrating the accomplishments of President Roosevelt. 

One mural illustrated Roosevelt’s accomplishment in negotiating a peace between Russia and Japan.  It was the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) where the Japanese humiliated the Russians in a series of defeats and a notable battle at sea.  President Roosevelt received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905 for negotiating the peace. 

Once side of the mural depicts the Russians with their Russian Naval flag and the Russian Imperial Flag.  The other side a Japanese person and above him the Rising Sun flag of the Japanese Navy.  It is that Japanese Navy flag that caused the Koran Parents Association of New York to complain allowing them to masquerade their hate for the USA, and President Theodore Roosevelt.  They are upset at the Japanese flag calling it a Nazi flag.  Never mind the Nazi Party came into existence 14 years after the end of the Russo-Japanese War, the war illustrated in the mural. 

The Koreas keep demanding the Japanese need to be in touch with history and stop denying it.  Asking to have that Roosevelt mural defaced is in fact denying and hiding from history.  These America haters are littering the USA with Comfort Women monuments / statues and now attempting to deface an American museum.  The USA had absolutely nothing to do with the Comfort Women issue, yet these depraved people are attempting insert their hate in America. 

It is interesting to note:  They call the Japanese Navy flag a Nazi flag and have no problem with the Russian Navy flag in the mural.  The Korean peninsula is divided today because of Russia, and yet these South Koreans have no problem with that flag.  Huh?

It is ironic there are 28,000 Americans on the Korean peninsula willing for forfeit their lives for a nation (South Korea) where a good many hate the USA hiding behind this Comfort Women issue.  It is absolutely disgusting.   

Could this video fall under “America the Stupid?”  

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there is no hope. Japanese government always down us. they are not for Japanese. they are for fuckin' Korea and fuckin' China. will lose the case because of the Japanese Government. NO HOPE for us. Japanese government doesn't care of own people.