Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean lunatics attack South Korea - so?

Well the lunatic commies in North Korea not satisfied with the recent sinking of a South Korean Naval ship recently initiated an artillery barrage upon the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong murdering and injuring South Koreans. The response from democracies in Asia and the West was to hurl words at North Korea.

The commies know the democracies are impudent when it comes to an appropriate response to such adventurism. The people of South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, please be advised when the USA is stuck with a Democrat occupying The White House, the commies engage in lunatic behavior know the only response from the democracies is going to be just hurling a dictionary at the belligerents.

South Korea: Understandable your response is limited as you capital is within artillery range of the 38th parallel.
Taiwan: The commies in China know Obama (Democrat) has two years left in The White House, meaning they have two years to reunite you by force to the mainland.
Japan: Time to revisit Article 9 as Asia continues become a dangerous area, while Democrats occupy the American administration (the Obama regime).

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