Friday, November 5, 2010

Chinese boat ramming Japanese patrol boat, now the video

Link to the full video:

The Senkaku Islands are today uninhabited in the East China Sea part of the Ryukyu Islands.
Located between Taiwan, China, and Japan (Okinawa). This group of islands are disputed as to their sovereignty between the three nations. Recently a Chinese fishing vessel (Minjinyu 5179) was in the area of islands when it rammed two Japanese patrol boats.

The captain of the Chinese fishing vessel, Captain Zhan Qixiong was taken into Japanese custody for further questioning. Later he was released, however tension between the two nations continued to escalate.

The video taken by the Japanese Coast Guard was withheld by the government. However it was leaked, posted on YouTube and televised all over the Japanese television media.

Clearly shows the Chinese fishing vessel purposely ramming the Japanese patrol boat. The Japanese governor of Okinawa is reported to have said about the video: “To an untrained eye, it looks like the Chinese fishing boat approached and collided into” the Japanese ships.

The commies in China are saying::
1- Video a fake
2- If real, does not matter, it happened in Chinese waters
3- If real, fishing boat captain a hero for ramming a Japanese vessel illegally in Chinese waters.

Did the commie fishing vessel captain get the idea it is okay to ram a Japanese boat from the behavior of Sea Shepherd? Sea Shepherd has proven they could ram Japanese vessels without any consiquences to their childish and dangerous behavior.

Perhaps Japan may want to have a national dialog in reference to revisiting Article 9 of their constitution. As their nation seems to be surrounded by hostility. To the north are the Russian occupied Kuril Islands (Kunashir Island). The Commie Soviets occupied those islands the day before World War Two ended in the Pacific. To the southwest of Japan are the Senkaku Island group claimed by Japan, Taiwan, and China. The Japanese military should have a constitutional mandate to protect the territorial integrity of Japan amidst the hostile region their nation is currently in.

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descent87 said...

How would taking military action or threatening such at all be a viable option for Japan? I'm not happy about the situation either but if Japan were to talk about "military" or "defense" half the world would probably freak out diplomatically (unjustly so, they have the right to defend themselves, but still...). Also goading the 2nd strong military power in the world into any kind of conflict would not be helpful.