Sunday, September 6, 2009

President Obama to address the students

Presidents Reagan and Bush (the first one) both conducted televised addresses aired directly in public school classrooms with no controversy.
President Barack Obama will do the same come September 8th, 2009; however this televised address stirred much controversy. Parents all across the United States (USA) are upset over this planned intrusion by the President into the classrooms, as they see it. The cause to this controversy can be traced to the President's associations both in Chicago, and in Washington, DC, plus his support of Nancy Pelosi's disastrous plan to insert the Federal government further into the nation's healthcare system.

While in Chicago the President associated with Bill Ayers, and admitted domestic terrorist. Plus attended for over 20 years the church of Rev. Wright who repeatedly expressed his hate of the United States.

Now as president he appoints people of dubious leanings to the extreme left. He appointed as his Health Czar, the brother of his chief of staff Rohm Emanuel, a doctor named Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel.
Doctor Emanuel favored the rationing of healthcare for the elderly. Why after all why spend valuable health care dollars on the old who are about to exit? The money is best spent on the young who have many years left to contribute to society. Can you say Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele?

The president appointed his Science Czar to be John Holdren. Mr. Holdren advocated tainting drinking water with infertility drugs. He favored forcing unwed teen mothers to have either an abortion or giving the child up for adoption. Can you say Nazi Heinrich Himmler?

Obama appointed for his Energy Czar a member of Socialist International, Carol M. Browner.

With appointees like these, this gives cause to the parent's fears and concerns. History has demonstrated that once fascist and communist gain control they first attempt to win over the youth. With the extreme leftist in the Obama administration one can only wonder? Hitler Youth or the commie Young Pioneers? Where did the commie come from?

The president appointed as his Green Energy Czar Van Jones. Mr. Jones is a self admitted communist and 9/11 truther. Labor Day weekend Mr. Jones resigned his position citing a smear campaign. Van Jones resigns.

How can any president of the United States of America appoint any communist to his staff? A man who admitted and claimed to be a communist and made no attempt to hide his commie affiliation.

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