Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ACORN exposed - again

ACORN an organization which received millions of Federal tax money is widely know for accusations of voter fraud has recently been the subject of an undercover videographer.

Activist filmmaker James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles posing as a pimp and a prostitute entered and secretly filmed inside ACORN offices in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington, DC, Brooklyn, New York (NYC), and San Bernardino, California.

The two sought help in purchasing a home, tax evasion, and providing cover for underage prostitutes from Central America. All of which met with no condemnation by the ACORN worker, but advice.

Soon after this exposé the United States Senate voted in favor for a resolution (S.Amdt.2355 to H.R.3288) to withhold millions in Federal tax money from ACORN. The Senate voted 83 to withhold the funds, 10 did not vote, 7 voted not to withhold the funds. Six of the seven are Democrats, one is an Independent, here are the Senate villains:
Roland Burris D-Illinois
Robert Casey D-Pennsylvania
Richard Dick Durban D-Illinois
Kirsten Gillbrand D-New York
Bernard Sanders I-Vermont
Sheldon Whitehouse D-Rhode Island
Patrick Leahy D-Vermont

Of course and as expected the majority of the news media are ignoring this story.

The ACONR story has been reported by Briebart TV and Glenn Beck. Here are the links:

Brietbart TV:

Brietbart website:

Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck TV:

Glenn Becks YouTube page:

Website: Big Government:

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