Thursday, February 21, 2008

President Ronald Wilson Reagan's missile defense plan, worke

When President Ronald Wilson Reagan proposed the United States develop a strategic missile defense plan, called Star Wars, his detractors in America said he was dreaming and it would never work. They said he would be spending billions of dollars on a program that could not work. These were the hate America crowd in the news media, Hollywood, and the Democratic Party leadership. They all had and have no faith in America's ability to develop the technology to make it work. However the Soviet Union (The Evil Empire) had more faith in America than the news media and the Democratic leadership had. The Soviets demanded the United States not work on such a program. Another reason, the Soviets did not have the money to build such a program to counter America's development of such a defense system.

Now that the USA proved the plan works, the Communist Chinese are demanding the USA tell them how it was done. Why? The Chinese Communist most likely have spies in America gathering the information anyway. Or they can hope Hillary gets elected in November, because they have been bankrolling her campaign. Then if Hillary wins The White House, not only will Bill get to soil the Oval office again, the Communist Chinese will get the information they are demanding.

Ronald Wilson Reagan was right, and as usual his detractors were sorrowfully WRONG!

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