Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Gray Wolves need the help of the international thugs

The gray wolves were once an endangered species and now is about to be removed from that list in the states in America of the Northern Rockies, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. These states plan to allow hunting of these animals. The wolves in these states have been responsible for the slaughter of live stock in these areas. This event should concern the international thugs and Greenpeace types who are currently harassing the nation of Japan concerning dolphin and whale hunting. The reason these thugs will not be protesting, interfering, or harassing the ranchers in the United States, is because these international nomads are cowards. The Japanese hunt whales without high powered rifles and shotguns while the ranchers in the America carry such weapons. These same international cowards can not be found in trying to help the victims in Darfur, as it does not provide safe photo opportunities for these thugs to increase their donations.

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