Friday, September 8, 2017

What to do Japan, USA, and South Korea?

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What to do Japan, USA, and South Korea?

North Korea launched a missile that flew over the Sea of Japan (日本海) then flying over Japanese territory crashing into the Pacific Ocean.  This was a clear threat to Japan, the United States, and South Korea.  What did the three nations do?  As of date absolutely nothing.  Oh perhaps they looked up in the sky and pointed, and that was the extent of their reaction. 

At this point military action initiated by the three nations would be catastrophic to South Korea.  The three nations still have viable actions available to them.  They could and should place an embargo on any business anywhere in the world that does business with North Korea.

There are many pachinko parlors in Japan operated by Koreans loyal to North Korea.  They in turn send money to North Korea.  The money transfers should be halted, better yet, close down those pachinko parlors that support North Korea.

No military action required now, just a desire on the part of the three nations to support their words with action, instead of pointing fingers.

North Korean pachinko parlors in Japan:

Video discussing North Korean pachinko parlors in Japan:

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