Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scalise shooting Normalizing Violence

Scalise shooting Normalizing Violence

Alt-Left Normalizing Violence

The Alt-Left is normalizing violence.  The alt-left is supported by the Democratic Party, the fake news bias media, the pervert thespians in Hollywood, academia, and the goose-steppers running the indoctrination centers masquerading as public schools.

The aforementioned gangs have been promoting violence against President Trump, his supporters, Republicans, and conservatives.  Because of their disgusting promotion of violence four people were shot outside Washington, DC by a Democratic Party, Trump hating savage. 

The dead shooter James T. Hodgkinson on his Facebook page is rampart with support for Democratic Party one-time candidate for president, Bernie Sanders.  On Hodgkinson’s Facebook page he wrote:

“Trump is a Traitor.  Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy.  It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” 
Dated March 22, 2017.

As of this writing the tarnished FBI announced they are investigating the shooters motive.  Political Correctness has infected and neutered the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

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