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Sea Shepherd and Japanese patrol ships

Sea Shepherd and Japanese patrol ships

Sea Shepherd located the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean and immediately sailed back to the safety of Australian waters.  The result of Sea Shepherd running with their tail between their legs the Japanese whalers caught their quota of whales.  They Japanese whalers announced they were seeking 333 whales and that is exactly the number they caught uninterrupted. 

Sea Shepherd who claims to inforce made up laws to prohibit whaling in the Southern Ocean did absolutely nothing to prevent whaling even after they located the whalers.  

According to an article appearing on “the guardian” news website (a news organization in the United Kingdom) dated 31 March 2017, the following:

“Past missions have been hampered by a confrontational campaign on the high seas by environmentalists Sea Shepherd.  A fisheries agency official said that the whalers this time faced ‘no obstructive behavior threatening safety of the fleet and crew members’ by the group.

He attributed that partially to Japan dispatching patrol ships to protect the fleet.”

Did you notice the last sentence “….Japan dispatching patrol ships…..”  There is the reason for Sea Shepherd’s coward behavior of sailing to the safety of Australian waters.  The bullies ran like cowards whey they discovered the patrol ships.  Interesting to note the criminal cosplay Watson makes absolutely no mention of the patrol ships and their cowardice.  

Link to the United Kingdom’s “The Guardian” article Japan’s whaling, Sea Shepherd’s no action, and the Japanese patrol vessels:

Cosplay criminal Watson’s pathetic ranting:

Where are the videos of Sea Shepherd being chased by the Japanese whalers? 
No videos equals no chase. 

I found it, it is on this link dated March 28 by Josalyn Elliott:

Read blaming New Zealand, US Courts, Australia, Greenpeace, and needing money:

Links to Sea Shepherd boasting they “intercepted” two Japanese whaling vessels:

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