Friday, May 13, 2016

Some Missouri college students bashing Japan

Some Missouri college students bashing Japan

The student center at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) is host to an eatery named “Sunshine Sushi.”  This establishment has some students shuddering in fear of its logo.  The frightening logo features a sun rising with the rays of sun beaming outward.  It can be claimed it may resemble Japan’s Rising Sun flag. 

The Rising Sun Flag is the flag of the Japanese Navy (Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force – JMSDF) created around 1870.  The students fearing their “safe space” was being violated by this logo complained to university administrators. 

The students are of Korean and Chinese extraction and claim the resemblance to the Rising Sun flag is equivalent to the Nazi flag causing their fear.

Their lack of reasoning stems from during World War Two Korea and China were involved with Japan.  The owner of the Sunshine Sushi eatery is a gentleman named Oo Min Aung. 

Oo Min Aung migrated from Burma (Myanmar) years ago when that nation was suffering under the Communist regime.  He was able to start his eatery in freedom and to him that logo represents the freedom he enjoys in the USA.

Mr. Oo Min Aung said that "even though the logo of the company has similarity of Imperial Japanese, it actually means shining rays."

The complaining students fearing the logo must all live in fear twice a day when the sun rises with its rays and later sets offering more rays.  Truth is, there is no fear, just old fashioned Japan bashing.

If that logo truly represents the Japanese Rising Sun Flag then why did Mr. Aung select it?  He comes from Burma and that country was occupied by the Japanese during World War Two.  Yet he has no fear of the flag or outward hate towards the Japanese.  Why is it out of all the nations Japan occupied during that war it is only Koreans and Chinese participating in this Japan bashing?  

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