Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rabbit slaughtered

Rabbit slaughtered

Two host from a radio station in Denmark are facing a barrage of criticism.  The two while live on the air slammed a rabbit to death with a bicycle tire pump.  They claimed this was done to illustrate the hypocrisy of animal slaughter.  Huh?

This type of logic only makes sense to the extreme elements of the discredited so-called “animal rights” movement.  The correct term should be “animals have no rights.” 

With this twisted logic why not send the two to the Faroe Islands?  Once there they can participate in a Grind.  Then on the beach with the dead whales they can slice up the whale for free food to demonstrate who wrong it is.  Reads idiotic?  Then welcome to the animal-rights movement.  

NOTE:  This video was completed and uploaded on May 28, 2015.  For some obscure reason it was forgotten and just discovered during a review.   

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