Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Olympic gold medalist Japanese ice skater Yuzuru Hanyu collision is rather curious at best

Olympic gold medalist Japanese ice skater 
Yuzuru Hanyu collision 
is rather curious at best

I normally do not subscribe to conspiracy theroies, however the collision between Yuzuru Hanyu
(Japanese) and Yan Han (Chinese) in China is highly suspect.

The arena where the Cup of China was held in Shanghai, was filled with spectators.  As we know in this 21st century those thousands of spectators brought their video cameras, iPhones, and Smartphones.  So why is it with all those videos the only video on YouTube showing the collision is one?  It is the same one where when the collision happened the video shot was a close up of Yuzuru Hanyu.  From that close up angle it could not be seen from which direction Yan Han projected from.   
I smell a cover-up here unless someone can produce a video from higher up showing a complete view of the incident.       

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